Get Behind the Plough!
Ploughshare Brewing Co. offers a rotation of our beers, handcrafted on site. We have seven year-round brews and four special seasonal beers released quarterly.  The brewery uses traditional brewing methods and styles, and sources only the highest quality ingredients for its beer.  In addition to our own beer, we will always highlight some of our personal favorites from our friends in other breweries.  The brewery also offers wine, gluten-free beer, and non-alcoholic beverages, including fresh French-pressed coffee, sparkling water, and nostalgic sodas. 

To increase your enjoyment of our amazing beer, Ploughshare Brewing Co. offers a delicious seasonal menu of our famous house-made soft pretzels, Ploughman's Platters, our Tailgate Red bratwursts, and daily dessert specials. Our menu offerings are crafted to pair harmoniously with Ploughshare beers. Ingredients are sourced from Nebraska-based producers and farmers, with a focus on sustainable resources and an emphasis on organic ingredients. Everything is made in house from scratch. 

Ploughshare Brewing Co. uses a traditional British pub system.  Sit where you want. Order from the bar.  Stay as long as you like. You won’t find any TVs in our establishment because we are all about enjoying good beer while relaxing with old friends, or perhaps meeting new ones. After all, beer IS the great unifier. Periodically we bring in bands to add to the fun. Check Shindigs for an up-to-date calendar of events.

Get Tickets Now! 2016 Nebraska Cask Ale Festival
Festival to Benefit the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild 

The cask event of the year!

Cask ales and lagers, straight from the barrel. Over 20 varieties of beer from local and regional brewers served right from the spigot. Ploughshare's brewers are experts in cask ale dispensing - learn more about bunging, stillage, and spiling (Oh my!). Proceeds benefit the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild.

Mingle in Ploughshare's brewery to the sounds of local musicians. Perks include collectable tasting glass, event program describing the beers, free T-shirts for the first 30 people each day, and unlimited tasting during the event. 

Get a head start on St. Patrick's Day - many of the beers are stouts, and others range from light and hoppy ales to high gravity masterpieces. 

Two sessions: Fri. March 11th, 5-10 pm and Sat. March 12th, 5-10 pm. Tickets on sale now online, and at the brewery starting Thursday, March 3rd. $30 in advance / $35 day of.

When you buy a ticket on Bookeo, you will go to the WILL CALL line the day of the event. Bring your receipt and a photo ID. Cheers!
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Introducing:    The Golden Tulip Society
We're coming up tulips!
If you've been on our regular Friday/Saturday tours, you've earned the prized Golden Tulip Tasting Glass. 

You knew they were exclusive...
Now tap into the unique benefits of the
Golden Tulip Society!

Every Wednesday from 4 pm to closing, bring your glass in for pours of any Ploughshare brew at a $1.50 off, all night. 

You'll also receive advanced invitations to specials releases, discounts on our festivals, and first shot at registering for beer dinners, tastings, and more!

The GTS starts Wednesday, February 24th, 2016.

Golden Tulip Society - Terms and Conditions

1. The Golden Tulip Society ("GTS") is a rewards program for customers of Ploughshare Brewing Co. ("Brewery"). Rewards are generally available only at the Brewery and not at area retailers who sell our beer. (You should also buy our beer at these retailers and support local commerce.) We reserve the right to conduct GTS events off-site from the brewery, subject to prior notice.

2. You must have personally earned a Golden Tulip on a previous tour and still own the glass, and are therefore qualified as a . You must bring your own glass with you each time for GTS events. Glasses are non-transferable to friends, family, co-workers, or institutions. If we catch on to your shenanigans we may bar you from participating.

3. If you break your glass, please carefully bring us the broken remains and we will transform them into a new, whole glass at our expense. We will reject any and all weird sob stories about how a dog ate your glass, etc., so please don't try. If you don't have the broken bits, you'll have to go on another tour to earn a new Golden Tulip.

4. A beer that is customarily served in a tulip at the Taproom will be served in your Golden Tulip during GTS hours; a beer customarily served in a pint at the Taproom will be served in your Golden Tulip during GTS hours. There may be other offers made to GTS members, such as special pricing for other sized glassware, special pricing to Brewery events, early release tastings of new products, opportunities for beer education classes, etc. 

5. The GTS and its offers are entirely at the Brewery's convenience. No warranty, guarantee, promises are made. The GTS may end at any time, without notice, and at the sole discretion of the Brewery. Terms, conditions, and/or special pricing for the GTS may change or be discontinued at any time and without notice by the Brewery.
Brewery Tours

45 Minute Brewery Tours are available to the public every Friday and Saturday evening at 6pm. Visitors learn about the history of Nebraska craft beers, see the brewery in action, sample the various brands, and identify favorites according to individual tastes. Tours are $7.31/pp which includes a customized Ploughshare Brewing Co. glass plus one free pint to enjoy out in the taproom. 

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Growlers are available at Ploughshare. Pre-filled under CO2 for maximum freshness. After your next visit to the Taproom, take one home for late night reading or season V of your favorite fantasy series. (We're talking to you, Mitch!)  

Fun facts:  A growler holds 4 pints of beer! An unopened growler will last for two weeks or longer in your fridge!  An opened growler will retain the beer's freshness and head for about three days in the fridge! (That's right, Monica, you really don't have to drink it in one sitting!)
Small Group Food and Beer Experience
For a deeper experience into food and beer pairing, consider booking a Small Group Food and Beer Experience. Founder and Brewmaster Matt Stinchfield will give a personal tour and private tasting of Ploughshare Brewing Company's beers plus share a sampling of the robust flavors of a Nebraska sourced meat and cheese platter.  This hour and fifteen minute session costs $60 for four guests. Call 402-742-0420 for details or book online.
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Ploughshare Brewing Company
1630 P Street
Lincoln, NE  68508

Open Hours:

Ploughshare Brewing Co.'s taproom is open every day at 4pm, except Saturdays we open at 2pm for your craft-beer-drinking pleasure.

Yes, we are open Sundays, too!